Gashuku 2011 Penguin

The local Funakoshi Dojo Sensai asked me to make a Toy Mascot for the 2011 South African Gashuku in May.  When he mentioned he wanted a penguin, because the theme will be Happy Feet, I instantly thought, there is a lot of paper penguin already out there, but I wanted to give it a go.

My customising has improved over the last month or so, & although it's still a challenge, I hope you agree, it turned out ok.  Dr Gert Smit who requested the toy was happy with the finished Model, so I guess I achieved my goal.
The download contains the Penguin template with the Funakoshi SA logo, and Gashuku print on it, plus a template with just the standard Penguin.

Download the Gashuku Penguin Here

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