Genetically Altered - 14" Camoflage Custom

I was sat around sketching & painting a hand drawn Picture of Genetically Altered, when I had a brainstorm.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a massive version of the template, with an urban type skin.  With that said I found a very cool Camoflage texture on a DeviantART members page, Jaqx-Textures 
Basically, I resized the texture to the size of the template pages.  Cut out the template sections, then overlayed the two images.  The result looks awesome if I may say so myself.
I wanted to get the Toy as large as possible while keeping the template on A4 size sheets.  Once built, the finished model is approx. 14 Inches tall.

Download the 14" Camo Custom Here
Download the Mutant 14" Blank Version Here (Reshaped Arms & lower Body)

Enjoy the toy & please send me any pictures of your built model, posing outside somewhere.  I will post them here to share with everyone.

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