Genetically Altered - Extra Parts & Accessories

I decided to make a few extra pieces for the Genetically Altered template.  So, this post is where I shall list all Accessories for the toy.  Making as many different options for a toy is something I like the idea of, so when someone decides to custom the model, they can add that extra touch to make it unique.

Experienced digital customisers have always been adding there own parts to models to make them stand out.  I thought it would be cool to have a selection of ready made parts.

For extra effect, you could also try adding some crazy hair to the model using the technique found on the Shrunken Head Toy.

To Download any sheet,  click the image to get full size,  then Right click & Save as.
Then just print the sheets you want & build the parts along with the Blank Template.

Accessories Sheet Number 1
Baseball Cap
Set of Ears
Set of Horns
The Horns & Ears can be fitted into the head of the template or even directly into the cap.  The more possible choices the better in my opinion :)

Accessories Sheet Number 2
Pair of Wings
The Wings are designed to fit the two back shoulder panels.  Bat like or even Demonic.. I'll maybe add some Angelic wings 1 day.

Accessories Sheet Numbers 3 & 4
Top Hat
Set of Swords

Make sure to take both Sheet 3 & 4 if your going to add the Top Hat or Swords to your model.  I plan to use the Hat myself one day to do a Baron Samedi - Witchdokta Toy, using the Genetically Altered template.

I may add other parts to these sheets to use up the spaces, so keep checking back.

Leave me a comment if there is any particular part you think would be awesome for Genetically Altered to have in his collection, or just let me know what you think of the parts so far.  Whatever you do, be sure to pick up the Blank Template & start customising.

Download the Standard size Blank Template Here
Download the Mutant 14" Blank Version Here

When I have enough sheets, I'll bundle them in a pdf & put up as a bulk download.

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