Genetically Altered - Crush Test Dummy Custom

This will be my 1st Custom done using Illustrator.  It's not highly detailed or full of gradients but it's a start.  Each time I want to add another process to the customs until I get fully competent.  That said, I hope you enjoy the Custom toy.

The design speaks for itself.  A Crash Test Dummy, but as it's paper, it became Crush Test instead.  I'm hoping this template will become my signature toy, & that many more customs will follow.
My next project is to resize the Baseball Cap template to fit this toy, plus maybe a few other accesories to help with customising.  This will help to create different looking Genetically Altered toys.

Download the Crush Test Dummy custom Here
Download the Re-Shaped DNA Blank Version Here - (Note: New Arms, & slightly re-shaped Body)
Download the Mutant 14" Blank Version Here

Keep checking back for further updates on this & other projects.  Thanks for visiting.

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