Genetically Altered Papertoy

This is the completed version of the toy featured in my Blog Header.  I updated the body slighty, to make it more interesting, & I wanted it to be almost like Vinyl toy shape.  I held off releasing it for download until I was happy with the template.

This toy is lined up to feature in a collaboration project that is almost finished, so keep checking back to see the progress.  I'm still keeping the main details under wraps until it is all finished.  For now, let's get back to the stand alone template called "Genetically Altered".

Why did it get that name? well the oversized head for one, & because it gives an almost open ended interpretation for customising.  Adding your own template parts, making it a Monstrous Mutation, a Creepy Alien, a Genetic experiment like the creatures from Resident Evil, or just a wierd looking Human.
I have a special release on this toy.  As well as the usual Blank Template for you to download & enjoy cutomising.  A friend of mine Dicky Wardiansyah a.k.a Bodickraft from NPT did a release Custom for me called "Bad Day".  I love the custom, & I hope to talk other Artists into expressing thier talents to create thier own Genetically Altered Papertoy.

Time to get your hands on the goods, & as always please feel free to send me pics or digital templates of your own creations.  Use the Contact Tab to email me.

Download Dicky Wardiansyah custom "Bad Day" template Here
Download the Re-Shaped DNA Blank Version Here - (NOTE: New Arms, & slightly re-shaped Body)
Download the Mutant 14" Blank version Here

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