Tiny Tiki - Build your own unique Tiki Idol

Tiki, is the name usually given to a pole-like wooden sculpture, with a somewhat humanoid form.  Derived from Polynesian History, the term Tiki today is still represented by this totem, but is more of a decorative culture than a sacred idol.  Most people will think of Hawaiian or Maori patterns.

There are many designs possible for a Tiki, so when I started thinking of how to do this template, I wanted the end result to be very custom, so that very few will be alike.  The model is made up of blocks & smaller parts to add features, so you basically decide how you want the Tiki to look then build into a totem form.
The above image is my own Hand drawn design, however, I made the mistake of building the Tiki 1st then drawing the designs.  That's my own fault for being too eager.  Patience is required for this & all paper models.  I will attempt another one soon, but I think i'll do a digital custom next time.  My understanding of this process is geting better.

One thing I will add about this Paper Toy.  Although it is named Tiki, and has parts aimed at achieving the best shape for this.  I have added a set of Wings & a Beak to the template.  So, with the right collection of parts & designs, a Native American Totem can be achieved.  I do plan to add more extra's for this later on.

Any parts you design yourself in template form, that you would like to share with everyone.  Use the Contact Tab & send it to me by email, & I will post here for all to download.  Enjoy the Toy & don't hesitate to custom & send me Pics & or Template of a finished Tiki.

Download your own Blank Tiki Here

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