I will update this page as I do more designs.  Some of the images are poor quality as they were created before I started doing digital versions.  I will eventually convert them all, & post some new ones.

The page is called Tattoo's, but this is covers Body Tattoo's & Car Tattoo's.  These images can be inked in the traditional way, or made into vinyl Decal, or even airbrushed onto your car.

If you'd like me to try & come up with a concept for you, Email me with some basic details & i'll get back to you.

I have been experimenting with the peeled heart tattoo.  As you can see the 1 above is hand drawn, & scanned in.  The one below has been modified using Gimp & Photoshop, so looks a lot cooler than the original.
05/06/2011 Update

I have recently started to produce some of my older tatto designs in Illustrator.  Check out the latest pictures below.  You can click on them to get full size.