This is where I will post any random Images that I want to show, regarding Work in Progress, & any other bits of fun.

Shiverpeak Chest from Guild Wars, 1st draft
Slightly manipulated GW2 Screenshots

Tyrian ID Card

T-Shirt Idea
Halloween 2012 in GW2
Watchers Logo from Aion (Old but I still like it)
Some Guild Wars 2 Avatars 150x150
Community T-Shirt Idea
Lego Ghosts of Ascalon, fun image

My new Bow in GW2
Veteran Noob Joke Badge
Karka Face Hugging
WIP Cover
Vector Gallery
GW2 Forum Signatures

Concept Ui
My new Engineer Armor
7 Level 80 Characters
The end of Lion's Arch
My highest sPvP score so far

All Dragons Have Drugs - Possible Facebook Banner

Weavers of Destiny

Digital Scrapbooking components