Guild Wars - Event Gifts

The good thing about these models, is they are incredibly easy to build, plus you can enjoy them even if you're not a Guild Wars fan.  You can put some sweets inside while you build, & give them as actual gifts.

Continuing on with my Guild Wars Homage.  These are the penultimate GW themed paper goodies.  Most players will have come across all of these items, & probably received a good few of their own.

Gifts were always very cool to recieve while playing, & there were numerous ways to get them.  Seasonal Events, Character Birthdays, Daily Quests etc.  & I for one will miss them (Hoping for similar things in GW2) so here they are for you to build & keep as a memory of a favourite GW moment.

If you like these, or any other of my toys, tell your in game friends to come and visit my site.  After all, I do this for fun, & I want to share with as many people as possible.

Download your own set of GW Gifts Here

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