Guild Wars - Domain of Anguish Gemset

After having a look at a lot of Items & objects in Guild Wars, I decided on a few that I will reproduce as a Paper model, as a Homage to the game I've spent the last 6 yrs playing, & also something for fans to build & have on there Desktop to remind them of the good times spent in GW1.  Here is the 1st item, keep an eye out on the blog for the others to follow soon.

The release of Guild Wars 2 on 28/08/12 will mean most players, including myself, will be spending a lot less time in the original saga, & concentrating on exploration of this new Tyria.

Good times were had in one of the Elite areas called Domain of Anguish.  A place made up of 4 areas, that upon completion of each one, allowed you to take on the big boss Mallyx.  One of the other reasons to go there was the Gemstones.  Collecting 15 of each gem type (1 type per area) gave you an Armbrace of Truth from a collector, which could then be traded for a Tormented Weapon... but... enough about the game, let's get to the paper.

I decided a stand would work well with the Gems, as otherwise they would just be laid around loose & not be displayed very well.

I hope you will enjoy building & displaying these Gems on your desk, as you're playing at the start of a new era in the Guild Wars story.

Download your own set of DoA Gems Here

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