Redheaded Monkeys T-Shirt Design

I recieved an email the other day from Liz Woodrow in Katy, TX. & she has started her own company, creating T-shirts with Rhinestone & Screen-print designs.  The company is called Redheaded Monkeys & you can go check it out & see if there is anything you like.

The reason for this post is Liz wanted to use one of my designs, The Peeled Heart, on a T-Shirt, & of course I was over the moon about this.  It is always nice to see your work used in such a unique way.
Thx Liz for using my Design & I hope it's popular.

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  1. Thank you again for letting me use it!! It will be nice if it makes some sales, but if it doesn't I'll be still happy. I make my money off of Baseball Mom and Cheer shirts, and they fund my ability to do things like THIS shirt. Thanks!!!