CCG Deck Holder

Welcome to 2012, & the start of a new year of Paper Toys & Models.  With my Son getting a little bit older, I am starting to get a bit more free time, & have started to look at my Magic the Gathering CCG collection.  With the release of the Plainswalker Cards & the Innistrad Block, it is looking very exciting & I wanted to make some new Decks to play.

With new decks, I need Deck Holders.  Instead of buying them, as they are quite hard to find here in South Africa, I decided to make one, & give it a nice Papertoy feel to it also.
I've tried to give it a Steel Flightcase type effect on the skin, with an area for the player to write a description of the Deck inside.  This box will hold standard sized Cards from MTG, Pokemon, Moshi Monsters, etc. all kept in protective sleeves.

The legs are borrowed from Wheelman, as they worked perfectly I thought there was no need to design anything different.  The photograph above is actually holding a deck of Cards inside, so it will stand no problems when full.

Download the Papertoy CCG Deck Holder Here

Have fun playing & remember to keep visiting in 2012.


  1. Hey,
    Happy New Year first!
    You have a lovly son.
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    thanks for your work!

  2. Thx, & a Happy New Year to you. Hope you visit again :)

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