Genetically Altered - Anti Poaching Mascot

On an earlier post, I mentioned being involved in the GW2SA gaming community, & their efforts to promote an Anti-Poaching Initiative against Rhino's.

This toy is the Mascot, & sports a T-shirt with the Logo for this initiative on the front, & the slogan "Poach Eggs, Not Rhino's" on the back.  Using the Genetically Altered template, it turned out very cute, & just what I'd hoped, but the message behind it is extremely serious.

The community has a Facebook page & would appreciate it if you would go & Like the page.  Whether you download the toy or not, please show your support for this cause.

Download, build, & take a photo of the toy wherever you are in the world.  Then use the Contact Me tab & send me the pic to show on the community blog.  This will show international awareness of their ideas.

Thanks for reading & enjoy the Toy.

Download your own Anti-Rhino Poaching Mascot Here

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